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Hello, and welcome to my Tabletop RPG character page!Here you will find information about all of my Tabletop characters. Keep in mind this is a work in progress, so not all information may be present at this point in time.
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Cyndra Emberheart

A fiery ranger with sticky fingers and a fierce sense of loyalty."These are the first people to show me any kindness in this world. If you want me to save it, know that I'm not doing it for the greater good... I'm doing it for them."


Cyndra was born from the fire of the Cinder Forest the year that Cyndros the Phoenix was reborn. She spent the first 4 – 5 years of her life rarely leaving the forest, being too afraid to speak to anyone besides Cyndros and Siryna. Her interactions with the citizens of the nearby villages were not very pleasant, and heavily shaped her opinion of man as well as herself. As she grew, her features grew more and more “human” due to her subconscious desire to fit in and be able to travel freely without fear of discrimination. Once she had reached the age of about 8, she finally felt comfortable enough to begin travelling around Kazoran to explore the world herself, hoping to find out more about the Conceived since she had never met another like herself.⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Physical Description:
- Hair: Her hair is a very bright, unnatural red with streaks of warm golds and oranges intermittently throughout it.
- Eyes: Her eyes are a bright gold, and if one concentrates closely on her eyes, they may notice that they appear to be ever moving and flickering like embers or coals. They also seem to have a slight glow to them.
- Skin & Markings: Her skin is a healthy tan, about how someone of fair skin who works outdoors for a living would look. She has freckles on her face and body. She also has marking across her whole body (but only to the base of her neck, not on her face) that look like the cracks that form in lava or dry earth and glow a dim orange/red color.
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Quick Facts:

Race:Conceived of Fire
Gender:Female / She/Her
Birthday / Age:81st Day of Autumn in the 36th Year of Tavheros / 23
Birthplace:The Cinder Forest, Kazoran
Height / Weight:5’3” / 93 lbs
Body Type:Lithe & Shapely
Personality:Protective, curious, supportive, quiet, inquisitive, loyal, jaded, standoffish, hot headed, short tempered, socially awkward, guarded, easily irritated/angered, nervous, sarcastic
Alignment:Neutral Good
Orientation:Straight / Heterosexual
Relationship Status:It's complicated
Bonds:Fidget the Fire Sprite, Siryna the Forest Nymph, Cyndros the Phoenix, Thonthen Brassbeard the Dwarven Smith, Sprocket Lugnut the Goblin Tinkerer, Truth Uridos the Tiefling Thief (see below this table for more info)
Classes:Ranger, Bard (D&D 5e)
Affiliations:The Thieves' Guild
Languages:Common, Celestial, Infernal, Ignan, Thieve’s Cant, Undercommon, Dwarvish (with roll)
Patron Deity:n/a
Real World Zodiac Sign:♐ Sagittarius


  • Fidget the Fire Sprite - A fire sprite who seemed to be drawn to the fire Cyndra was born from. He can hardly be considered a familiar, seeing how as he comes and goes as he pleases. He’ll leave on his own adventures and will reappear at her side anywhere from days to weeks later. He has a short temper, a crude sense of humor, and a love of all things relating to “the fairer sex.”

  • Siryna the Forest Nymph – The Nymph who frequents the Cinder Forest. She commonly travels back and forth between the Fey Wild and Thazriel, making her perception of time a little skewed. She assumed the role of Cyndra’s mother, though most of the time her behavior could be compared to that of an older sibling.

  • Cyndros the Phoenix – the great Phoenix that lives in the Cinder Forest. Soon after The Merging had suddenly stopped, Cyndros died and was reborn, burning most of the forest with him. It was this fire that bore Cyndra, and Cyndros took on a guiding, (almost fatherly) role in her life, being aware that it was his rebirth that brought her into this world.

  • Thonthen Brassbeard – a dwarvish inventor from the city of Kadrin. Known for his skill in combining dwarvish smithing techniques with gnomish tinkering. He gifted a “crystal” necklace to Cyndra before she left to travel the other continents.

  • Sprocket Lugnut – the goblin assistant of Thonthen. He never truly cared for goblin society, and never fit into his clan due to his love for discovery and building/crafting.

  • Truth Uridos – a Tiefling acting as the fence for members of the thieves guild operating in Theringrell and Azriel’s Watch. His skin is a pale grey, with a dark teal clinging to his brows, shoulders, and corners of his face. He seems to have taken quite a liking to Cyndra much to Fidget’s chagrin, however she seems to be completely uninterested.


  • Forests

  • Warm weather and climates

  • Fur and leather

  • Music

  • Learning new things


  • Water

  • Most people

  • Discrimination


The Story of Cyndra Emberheart

(please be kind I'm not a writer)
The faint light of dawn collided with thick clouds of smoke ashes. The only sound the faint crackling of flames that had yet to die out.
No birds sang. No insects chirped. The only thing that dared make a sound was the crisp morning air of the Northwestern Continent.
While most of the flames had slowly died out and been reduced to embers, content with their work, one flame still found reason to burn in the lowest valley of the Cinder Forest. All appeared to be still, until a slight flicker came from this flame in the valley. It began to lap and flicker more violently, as if being blown by a strong wind, until finally it became still again. From the base of the flame emerged a shape, still completely cloaked, resembling the arm of a humanoid being.
Soon, the fire rose up higher as more extremities emerged, and the being appeared to be sitting up. No traces of features aside from its shape, the being turned ever so slowly as it took in its surroundings. It came to its feet, still soaking in as much of the sights as possible. It stepped one flaming leg forward, then the other, taking slow, deliberate steps through the carnage leaving small tufts of flame where its feet had been.
The being walked for quite some time, head swiveling from side to side as it beheld this world it had suddenly been born into. As it traveled farther out from the center of the Cinder Forest, the fire damage subsided and the trees and foliage were still somewhat whole, but the damage was still great. The being stopped and looked down at its hands, transparent and flickering, then turned back towards its steps, looking at the flames left behind. There it stood for quite some time, trying to understand what had happened, why it was here, when suddenly a deep voice rang out.
“Hello, child.” the voice said.
The fiery being turned towards the sound to discover a newly reborn Phoenix, feathers shimmering in bright shades of red, gold, and orange. It stopped and stared at the Phoenix, seeming unable to comprehend what had been said, but curious.
The Phoenix chuckled. “I must say, I didn’t expect to find anything resembling life so soon after the fire, even less someone like you.” The flame cocked its head slightly in confusion.
“I am Cyndros, the Phoenix who lives in these woods. I am reborn once every 100 years, and I believe I may be responsible for your appearance here.”

The Conceived

This information is rather limited, and may or may not be updated in the future.


Born of natural disasters, the Conceived are a people of great mystery. Their numbers are few in the world, and many people are wholly unaware of their existence entirely. These people are highly intelligent and have an insatiable curiosity, and are intrigued by other humanoid races. Most cases of Conceived will learn of the communities that are nearest to where they were born, and begin to take the physical form of those people over time. For this reason, they are commonly mistaken for Genasi, because they tend to develop skin, hair, and eye colors based off of their elemental heritage, while still keeping the appearance of the race they modeled themselves after. The main factor that separates the Conceived from the Genasi, however, is their ability to transform into an elemental of the disaster they were born from.Excerpt from a book on the Conceived:
“Many things in this world are without explanation. 'Tis little surprise when the world is so rich with magical energies. It is an extreme concentration of said energies that gives birth to the Conceived, a race of people formed by catastrophic events of the elements.
A being of flame could emerge from a recent forest fire. A lightning storm could give life to a being of electrical energy. A great tsunami could produce a being of living water. The possibilities seem nigh endless. There has even been rumor of some rare Conceived being born of light and darkness itself, though there has been no proof.
The Conceived experience no childhood like we know, and instead spend the first few years of their lives developing a body to contain the magical energy at the core. This appearance seems to be influenced by life around them, and they will often take the appearance of any societies nearby where they were conceived. We have seen Conceived with Orcish appearances, Elvish appearances, Human, and in some rare cases a truly isolated Conceived can take the form of nearby wildlife like bears or foxes.
You may be thinking, "How am I to know if I have met a Conceived if they are able to take the appearance of other races?" Take comfort in knowing that it is generally easy to recognize a Conceived by their abnormal skin tones, hair, and eye colors. While they are very skilled at integrating into society, it is very near impossible for them to truly mask their nature. The colors in their appearance will reflect the element they were born from, resulting in red, blue, purple, and many other colors being a viable option for their appearance. For these reasons, however, they can sometimes be mistaken for Genasi instead of Conceived.
This race of extraordinary people are very curious and inquisitive by nature. They are very intelligent from the beginning, and seek to further their knowledge of the world around them in almost any way possible. There have been reports of exclusively Conceived communities being formed for precisely this purpose. Many Conceived flock to one another to better understand not only the world, but each other, and to consolidate their findings in one place. However, there are always those who find more comfort in solitude, and will instead keep to themselves.”

Conceived Traits

  • Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence increases by 2.

  • Age: The Conceived begin their lives not as a baby, but what would be equivalent to a human toddler (about 5-6 years old). They also age much quicker than humans, reaching adulthood after about 10 years. Once they have reached their adulthood though, the aging process slows significantly, as they can live to be about 130-140 years old.

  • Alignment: While conceived can be of any alignment, they tend to lean more toward Chaotic Neutral by nature.

  • Size: The Conceived will develop to look like whatever race they were in most direct contact with, and will take the physical traits of that race.

  • Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

  • Elemental transformation: All Conceived have the ability to momentarily alter their physical bodies to the element they were born from, i.e. a water conceived transforming into a puddle, an air conceived slipping through a window as a gust of air, etc. (Personal belongings are treated similarly to how a druid’s wild shape does)

  • Elemental Cantrips: Conceived can pick 1 cantrip spell related to their respective element.

  • Languages: Conceived have natural affinity for their language of their Elemental Plane. You must pick from either Terran, Aquan, Auran or Ignan depending on the element you choose.

  • Subraces: There are subraces of each elemental conceived that are treated the same way as each of the main elements, with some surface/cosmetic differences. Possibilities listed with each element in the table below. Keep in mind that subraces are much less common than the main races.

ElementSubracesRelated Elemental Planes
Water Conceived Subraces:Ice, Mist/Fog (overlaps with air), Slime/Gelatin (like the creature), Steam (overlaps with fire)Quasi-Elemental Plane of Salt, Quasi-Elemental Plane of Steam
Fire Conceived Subraces:Lava (overlaps with earth), Steam (overlaps with water), Drought (overlaps with air), AshQuasi-Elemental Plane of Ash, Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance
Earth Conceived Subraces:Lava (overlaps with fire), Sand, various plant typesQuasi-Elemental Plane of Dust, Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals
Air Conceived Subraces:Mist/Fog (overlaps with water), Cloud, Cyclone/Tornado, Sonic (sound waves), Drought (overlaps with fire), LightningQuasi-Elemental Plane of Lightning, Quasi-Elemental Plane of Vacuum
Anomaly Conceived:Astral, Time, Positive, NegativeAstral Plane, Temporal Energy Plane, Positive Energy Plane, Negative Energy Plane

Conceived Names

Since Conceived are born highly adaptable and intelligent, they learn language very quickly from those around them. For this reason, they tend to name themselves based off of the language and culture they grew up in, or even give themselves a name based off of their element (Example: Cyndra Emberheart for a fire Conceived).

Talayne "Ghuan" Kilmtor

A slightly unhinged fortune teller with a chilling aura and cosmic secrets."I can reveal to you the secrets of the cosmos... For a price, of course."


Coming Soon

⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Notes:- Talayne possesses the eye of a hag. This is due to her changeling ancestry as a Dream May. It resembles that of a raven or crow's eye, and glows a faint purple hue. She commonly hides it behind a hood or wrap so as not to alarm people and make her even less approachable.⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Fun Facts:
- Talayne's name is of drow origin. Talayne is a combination of the words "tal", meaning "love, pain, wound, wounded," and "ayne" meaning "lunatic, maniac, manic, rage." Kilmtor is a combination of the words "kil" meaning "people of," and "mtor" meaning "the abyss."
Ghuan is a moniker meaning "accursed, curse, unlucky."
- Her familiar, having been named by her, also has a name of drow origin. His name is Naldyn, comprised of the words "nal" meaning "fear, horrible, horror, outraged", and "dyn" meaning "flight, flyer, wing, wings."
- In the areas surrounding her home village, she is infamously known as "The Witch of Werlyt".

Quick Facts:

Race:Dark Elf / Drow, Changeling (Dream May)
Gender:Female / She/They
Birthday / Age:n/a / 63
Height / Weight:5' 9" / 115 lbs
Body Type:Gangly with sharp features
Personality:Unnerving, playfully malicious
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Relationship Status:Single
Bonds:Naldyn (her Crow Familiar), and she has never met her family, but her father is a Drow (deceased) and her mother is a Night Hag.
Classes:Witch (Pathfinder 2e)
Languages:Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Sylvan, Undercommon, Abyssal
Patron:Though she does not know this, her patron is her Hag Mother, through whom she gains glimpses of the future and insight into the ever-woven tapestry of time.
Real World Zodiac Sign:♊ Gemini


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Birds of a Feather (Origin Story)

Her father disappeared from his home in the night and was never seen again. A baby girl with a striking resemblance to him was suddenly found abandoned in the village a few moons later. There was much suspicion surrounding her origins and true nature, but most citizens were willing to accept her and allow her to live and grow up in the local orphanage.
While the orphanage was never known for its unparalleled kindness, it only got worse for Talayne once her Hag claws began to grow. Many villagers demanded she be killed or exiled immediately, citing her suspicious appearance when she was a baby, while others claimed she had a right to live and forge her own fate. Ultimately the village leader decreed that she could be allowed to stay, and thus she continued living in the orphanage with the other children.
The headmistress of the orphanage was the most vocal in her disapproval of allowing a changeling to live among their children. Her and the other caregivers’ behavior toward Talayne changed drastically, with beating her or neglecting her being their favorite form of discipline to correct “naughty” behavior.
Most of the other children became fearful of her over time the more they heard the caretakers speak ill of her. While most of them were never mean to her or avoided her, they were too afraid of her to protect her, and in the worst cases joining in on abusing her at the behest of the adults.
She was utterly alone and isolated, and spent most nights locked in a room with a boarded-up window. The moon and stars were her only company, her only friends, and she spent nearly every night praying for someone to help her away from that horrible place. Then finally her pleas were answered, and she was visited by a crow with an otherworldly energy. He promised friendship and power and reassured her that he would help her escape from her horrible fate at the abusive orphanage. She excitedly accepted his offer, and then everything went black…
When she awoke, there was blood everywhere. The adults who had abused her were lying motionless around her, and the children were nowhere to be seen. The orphanage was slowly being engulfed in flames, and screams could be heard outside as the villagers frantically tried control its spread. Talayne fled, fearful and crying, running as fast as she could from the village and into the dense mushroom forest surrounding it.
She kept running until she began to feel her legs could no longer carry her, when she saw a light approaching on the horizon. She used the last of her strength to sprint toward it, emerging from the wall of mushrooms into an open field. The first light of morning was breaking the horizon accompanied by eerie stillness of freshly falling snow.
Everything was silent, and she thought she was finally alone again. Talayne collapsed onto her knees and stared up the sky, the cold flakes dusting her hair and tear-stained face. Her tears began to fall once more, as she muttered to herself,
“I’m alone… again…”
She cried to herself for a few moments, the stillness of the morning her only company, when the beating of feathered wings began to approach. The crow from before had followed her, and he perched himself on the ground before her. She looked up from crying, looking into his eyes intently, before he cawed loudly at her and fluttered his wings. She grinned and reached down to pick him up, lifting him up her face to look at him.
“Well… maybe not anymore. I have you now.”
She placed the crow on her shoulder, before standing and walking into the sunrise, free to rewrite her fate as she saw fit beside her newfound friend.

Lohvehna the Torrential

An amnesiac enshrouded in the mysteries of the deep."I mean... I'm not exactly ashamed, I guess. More just... scared. Scared of not knowing. Scared of not understanding."


Lohvehna is an amnesiac with no memory of who she was or where she came from, save only what she learned from a locket that was found on her person. She awoke on a beach far to the south of the continent, and wandered around the surrounding area until eventually coming into contact with two mages, Tormin Hinterclaw and his mentor Runemaster Hurndig. They invited her to travel with them until they could drop her off someplace safe, but along their journey discovered she had awakened to a divine magic, and could breathe under water. They insisted she accompany them back the the mage's college, known as The Nexus, so that she could learn more about these anomalies.Once at the college, a number of mages tried working with her to help her control her divine abilities, trying anything from incantations, to focuses, to scrolls. Nothing seemed to help, as every time she used her abilities they manifested into curses of fierce winds and storms. This earned her the moniker "The Torrential" among the other students at the college, and while at first she hated the name, she eventually accepted it as a part of who she was now.Currently, she has joined Tormin on his quest, having been assigned to him by The Nexus so he could monitor her. While at first he seemed to show resentment toward her for being forced to "babysit" her, they have since become rather good friends in their travels.
(work in progress)
⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Notes:- The only reason she knows her name is because of an inscription found within the locket she's had since awakening in Eos. "To my dearest Lohvehna. I'll love you always, happy birthday." with a date inscribed next to it.
- She was given a staff by The Nexus to help her channel her magic, but she thinks it useless considering it's never helped her, and so it remains more of an ornament on her back. Once she realized she was rather skilled with one-handed weapons, she prefers to use them or one of the spells or cantrips taught to her by the mages, since these do not exacerbate her curse.
⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Physical Description:If it weren't for the unnatural blue colorations, Lohvehna would be an otherwise average looking Fetchling. Her skin is a pale grey, and her hair is an ashy white with blue coloration at the ends. Her eyes glow a vibrant blue instead of the gold or orange that is typical for a Fetchling. She knows the blues have not always been present due to a picture inside of the locket she owns, which shows her with solid white hair and bright gold eyes alongside a woman of similar features, presumably her mother.⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✵✧⋆⤛ ⤜⋆✧✩✧⋆⤛Fun Facts:- coming soon

Quick Facts:

Race:Fetchling (Deep Fetchling Heritage)
Gender:Female / She/Her
Birthday / Age:Unknown / 27
Height / Weight:5'0" / ~100 lbs
Body Type:average but petite
Personality:Seemingly naïve with no inhibitions, her personality seems to change depending on the company she's in.
Alignment:True Neutral
Relationship Status:Single
Classes:Oracle of the Tempest (Pathfinder 2e)
Affiliations:The Nexus (Mage's College), The Adventurer's Guild
Languages:Common, D'ziriak, Shadowtongue
Patron Deity:Unknown
Real World Zodiac Sign:♋ Cancer


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